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Health Food Store in Paris, ON

Entering a health store for the first time can be intimidating when you don’t know a lot about natural health products. At the Hollow Willow Health Store we make it easy and enjoyable to find reliable health solutions in a comfortable, boutique-style atmosphere.

If exceptional, knowledgeable and friendly customer service is important to you, then The Hollow Willow is where you want to shop! Whether you’re experiencing digestive discomfort, pain and inflammation, sleep disruption, stress or hormone related issues we have quality name brand natural products that can help – without harmful chemicals and side effects.

What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Explore our selection of 100% natural and organic skin care products free from chemicals and available in gluten free and vegan friendly!

Or, maybe you’d enjoy making your own skin care products – we have a large selection of essential oils and aromatherapy supplies to get you started!

If you like originality and quality, check out our locally made products ranging from gourmet sauces to pure cappings beeswax candles, pottery and healing stone jewelry.....

Experience the sights, sounds and smells inside The Hollow Willow Health Store. There is something for everyone - whether you’re a health nut or not!

Woman Calls Herself a Hollow Willow and Sells Everything to Invest in Brant !


Susan Serre RHN Owner

I just left my hometown of London, Ontario after 49 years and sold everything to follow my dream and open my own health store. An uncanny chain of events occurred; now I am the owner of The Hollow Willow Health Store in downtown Paris. My name is Susan Serre and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I've managed all manner of health food stores and have been educating people in the natural health industry for over 20 years. I always wanted to have my own business, but thought I would never have enough money or enough courage.

The uncanny chain of events all started with a dog named Hazel. Four years ago I was single and had given up on finding the right man, so I got a puppy and took her to work with me and to the dog park. There, I fell in love and then got married to my husband Gilles. I took a leap of faith for a 13 month contract as an account manager for Southwestern Ontario with one of my suppliers. I got to know virtually every health food store in the territory which became an excellent source of research and a boost to my self-confidence.

I had heard that Paris was a beautiful small town, not far from London and was becoming a destination town with lots of growth potential. Timing is everything! My contract was up and it was now or never. Because the housing market was going crazy, we were able to finance the business from the sale of our condo without having to borrow from the bank.

When people ask about the store name I tell them that I was down to the ‘W’s in herbs and trees as so many names were already taken. I came across a Czech Republic idiom “to talk to a hollow willow tree” that means to confide your deepest secrets to someone as if the person were a hollow tree. I thought to myself, “I am a Hollow Willow!” Nearly all of my life, people have come to me with their problems and shared their hearts and trusted me with personal information. After 20 years of trying to find a name, the name found me. I found the perfect location, with lots of character, and a stunning view of the Grand River and appropriately, willow trees. The Hollow Willow Health Store is a unique, boutique-style store with something for everyone whether you’re a health nut or not.

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